Physical activity as an intervention to ease depression in young Australians

Oct 9, 201934 minutes

In this episode we speak with Professor Alex Parker about the use of physical activity as an intervention to ease depression in young people.

Episode Guest

Professor Alex Parker Alex leads the Healthy and Inclusive Communities: Physical Activity, Sport and Culture research program within the Institute for Health and Sport (IHES) at Victoria University. Her research group aims to measure, understand, and promote exercise and physical activity to optimise mental wellbeing and prevent and treat mental illness.

Alex has extensive experience in leading clinical trials to promote physical activity in young people with mental health concerns. She is leading the Mental Health Research Consortium at VU which aims to address the high prevalence of physical and mental health concerns through behaviour and lifestyle interventions, including physical activity, sleep and nutrition. Alex is also a clinical psychologist with extensive clinical experience in youth mental health services.

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This episode was hosted and produced by Dr Marc C-Scott for VU Research, Victoria University.

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